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Photo by: Maddie Malat

Photo by: Maddie Malat


Hey there, I’m Morgan, the “M” of M. Schleif Photography!


At M.Schleif Photography you can find me capturing experiences, relationships, and brands.
I get to affirm people in their great crafts, positive relationships, unique interests, and quality skills.
I’m over the moon about photographing a variety of subjects with the common theme of lifestyle/narrative imagery.

My style is bright, intentional, and expressive.

Whether we’re running around with a portable speaker blasting music with mini dance parties
or I’m behind the scenes photographing your local community event,
I’ll be the paparazzi capturing all the seconds and moments throughout.
Of course you’ll get posed some, but our session will be more focused on candid images and authentic results!

A few of my favorites outside of photography are…

Podcast: The Armchair Expert
Community Event: Creative Mornings
Beer Style: Hazy IPA
Coffee Method: AeroPress
Sounds: Maggie Rogers & Lizzo (seriously can’t pick one)
Netflix Standby: Friends (all the time, honestly)
Transportation Method: Longboard
Co-Pilot: McKaila Ruud (yay fiancees!)

Like the vibe and feel like we’re a fit? Let’s chat!

I can’t wait to meet you.


Primary location: Fargo, ND (but totally up for travel)