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Photo by: Maddie Malat

Photo by: Maddie Malat


Hey there, I’m Morgan

I'm a Minneapolis born photographer currently residing in the northern plains of North Dakota. Most days you can find me amidst the bustling streets of downtown Fargo with a camera in one hand and a black coffee or IPA in the other. I am a photographer, graphic designer, love optimizer, and podcast enthusiast. When I’m not photographing cool clients, you can catch me editing photos at your local coffee shop or pouring beer at Junkyard Brewing Company.

If you're all about those in-between moments, genuine connection, and having an experience rather than a duty to get photos done- then we'll get along just dandy. I'm a firm believer in making each photo session fun, people feel comfortable, and every day an adventure. You'll show up to a portable speaker, a spunky redhead, and loads of conversation.

 I first fell in love with photography through my younger brother and all the crazy sessions he’d bring me on. While being away at Concordia College, photography became a constant. Getting to capture humans being humans is one of my most exciting ventures. Since, I’ve been featured in publications by Midwest NestDesign & Living Magazinethe Kilbourne Group, and have worked with local organizations such as Folkways, Nature of the NorthRed WillowThe Prairie Den, and TEDxFargo

 I value sweet people, engaging experiences and simple living.
My style is light, bright, and always adapted to you, your event, or lifestyle.

Still here? Let’s connect!