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Every business is different, let’s tell your story.

Simple. Intentional. Personable.


You’ve got a rocking business and are ready to show it off!

First things first - we’re a great fit if you’re looking for a crisp modern look, are genuinely passionate about what you do, and believe in trusting the process.

Always included no matter the package: 75 high resolution images per hour of shooting, the rights to use your images, and a complimentary consultation where we connect and discuss your vision for your brand.

Let’s get started.


No. 1 | The Basics

$200* / Hour

You don’t need much, just a some solid background photos to show the world your products. *Price varies due to how many products you wish to capture and the intensity of the display.

Ex. Others boutique wanted to revamp their website with quality photos of their products. They wanted a neutral and natural look that would lend well to their overall brand.

Image-31 (1).jpg

No. 2 | The Process

$250 / hour

If your product is undergoing some serious transformation before it hits the shelves - bring me to your studio and share the love and labor that goes into what you do.

Ex. Hayden runs a ceramics business in town and wanted to show the process behind the dish ware he creates. We did a session for each phase (pot making, glazing, final product)

Image-98 (1).jpg

No. 3 | The Experience

$350 / hour

Show future customers how they are going to be treated! Take me on the job with clients present representing the most authentic expression of what you have to offer.

Ex. Dustin is a realtor and puts a lot of customization and joy into his client experience. He brings me to closings, new builds, and client consultations.


No. 4 | The Day

$300 / hour

Odds are you have a stellar staff, a couple daily rituals, and quirks that make you shine. Here we get behind the scenes look at what really goes on in your business allowing you to tell the full story.

Ex. Kayla and Piet are a couple who own a T-shirt company. What many don’t know is that every morning they meet over coffee, Kayla sketches and digitally designs each graphic, Piet screen prints each shirt, and they celebrate big wins by sharing a glass of wine.


No. 5 | The Event

$250 / hour

Bring M.Schleif Photography to a company event, workshop, or retreat. You planned an amazing experience, be sure to capture the energy and moments you created to share later.

Ex. Charism’s annual event Over the Edge has sponsors rappel down the Black Building. We captured those climbing, the crowd cheering, and the overall attitude of the organization.

dakandco-55 (1).jpg

No. 6 | The Product

$450+ (varies based on client need, venue, models, etc)

We made it! All the way to the final product. Now it’s time to show your market how to use what you so lovingly created for them!

Ex. Dak & Co is all about supporting local and living an urban lifestyle. Our goal was to give a culture to the brand. We gathered several models, explored downtown Fargo, and cultivated a lifestyle around the product.

Above is just a glimpse of what M.Schleif Photography can do to elevate your brand and social content.

If you have an idea that you don’t see listed, we love tackling out-of-the-box projects.

If you don’t know for sure which category you fall under, let us help you figure out what’s best.

Interested in seeing who we’ve worked with? Click to view our portfolio.